VAT Returns

VAT Returns refers to the process through which the difference between the output VAT and the input VAT can be calculated. This is necessary for each VAT registered business. It is necessary to get VAT registration if it has reached the threshold. Other cases where you should get your VAT registration number can be discussed in detail. HMRC updates VAT legislations every now and then so it might be best to consult to stay compliant. Our company has several services which include the assistance provided for VAT registrations.

Our assistance regarding VAT registration

We can assist you in:

  • Knowing if you need to get registered
  • Filling the forms and handling other formalities for you
  • Informing you about the best VAT schemes which are most suitable for your case

Preparing and submitting VAT

It can be a bit tricky to prepare a VAT. Many people often fail at this task due to lesser expertise. This is why we offer our services to help you carry out this task efficiently.

  • Provision of VAT returns and / or assistance for the process
  • VAT planning
  • Assisting with the issues occurring while going through customs
  • Assisting with the attending a VAT inspection

De-registering VAT

De-registering VAT is also an important task and yet again you will find Silver Arc available at your assistance. Having VAT taxable turnover equal to or less than the threshold can be an indication of getting your VAT deregistered.